General Rules Of School

  1. Every pupil must possess a school calendar which should be brought to school daily failing which the student will be sent home or fined.

  2. Student must be on school premises at least 10 minutes before the 1st bell. The School gate will be closed with the 1st bell at 7.35a.m. Late comers are liable to be sent home.

  3. It is strictly compulsory for every child to come to school in full school uniform including black leather shoes and Brown socks with peach Strips. Girls with long hair should have two plaits with black ribbon. Brown Bloomers are essential part of the school uniform. Children without the full uniform will not be admitted in their classes.

  4. Running,playing or shouting inside the school building is not allowed and when classes are over at the end of the session, the pupils in due order and silence, should move along the corridors to the exit.

  5. The school will insist on strict punctually,regular school attrndance,cleanliness in dress, general grooming and fidelity to study and work assignments.Absence from school for merely social functions will be strongly discouraged.

  6. Students who neglect their lessons will be required to stay in school after class to complete their lessons.

  7. Attendance at school functions such as independence Day,Republic Day,School Feast Day, Children's Day, Teacher's Day, very essential.

  8. All must co-operate to maintain cleanliness in the School, Hence no papers, seeds and other rubbish should be thrown about the compound or the classrooms, but should be put into the bins provided for the purpose.

  9. Any damage done in the school or about the premiseswill have to be made good.The decision of the principal regarding the amount to be paid will be final.

  10. Although every care will be taken of the pupils property, the school authorities will not be responsible for any theft or loss of the same.pupils are advised not to bring valuable articles to the school.

  11. Students are forbidden to give presents to their teachers either individually or collectively. Collections for any purpose whatever require the principal's sanction and all accounts of the same must be handed over to the principal.

  12. Parents and guardians are expected to examine daily the calendar of their children/wards for any remarks or reports that may be made there in either by the Teacher or Principal and use those to control and direct their children/wards in their conduct and studies.

  13. Any communication from the parents should be addressed to the principal and not to the Class Teacher and all correspondence from the school to the parentsor guardian must go through the Principal.

  14. Parents or guardians are not allowed to see their children/wards or interview teachers during school hours without the previous consent of the Principal.As a rule teachers should be interviewed by previous appointment.

  15. Pupils may not be sent home by anybody or leave the school premises during school time which includes the short recess without the previous sanction of the Principal and without a written permission from the parents.

  16. Speaking English is compulsory within the school premises.

Rules Of Discipline

  1. Heads of school should see that the following principles of discipline are observed

    • a)Regularity and implicit obedience are expected in the school.
    • b)Politeness and courtesy of speech and conduct as well as cleanliness of dress and person are inculcated.
    • c)Pupils are made to realise that they are responsible to the school Authorities Not only for their conduct in the school but also gor their general behaviour outside.Any reported or observed objectionable conduct out of the school, on the part of the pupils would make them liable to disciplinary action.
    • e)Pupils shall not take part in any political activities.
    • f)Any pupil who is persistently insubordinate or is repeatedly or wilfully mischievous,or is guilty of malpractice in connection with examinations or has committed an act of serious indiscipline and /or misbehaviour, or who in the Head or the school has an unwholesome influence on fellow pupils or whose Guardians show little interest in the progress of their wards may be removed from the rolls. The removal may be temporary or permanent, according to the gravity of the offence.
  2. During the absence of the teacher each class House Captain (Row Monitor) is responsible for the order and discipline of the pupils of their House.

  3. Pupils from one class may not visit their friends in any other classrooms during their recess periods.Grounds are provided for the same.

  4. When the students go for P.T. or move along the corridor to the library, Computer room, Auditorium and when changing classes they must walk in silence.

  5. Student are expected to move silently to the basement as the recess gets over at the long bell.

  6. Pupils are expected to come to school provided with all that is necessary for their day's work.Borrowing or lending of pencils, rubbers, rulers, instrument box, etc. is discouraged.

Leave Of Absence

  1. No leave of absence is granted, except on previous written application from the parents or guardians and only for valid reasons.

  2. However, in case of illness , or other unavoidable circumstances, where previous permission could not be obtained the pupil on returning to school must bring a note signed by the parents or guardians stating the reason for her absence on the special page provided in the calendar is essential.

  3. If a student remains absent without leave for more than 15 days, her name is liable to be removed from the school roll.

  4. The children will not be sent home in an emergency with any one who might come for them during school hours without a written request from parents or guardians.

  5. During school hours no student is allowed to leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher or until the class is dismissed.

  6. Non catholics will be allowed sectional religious holidays,only on previous written application from their parents.

  7. No child suffering from a contagious or infections disease shall be permitted to attend the school.

  8. Pupils are expected to be parent on the closing day of each term and on the opening day after every long vacation. A heavy fine will be levied on those who fail to report to school on the 1st day.

  9. Withdrawal of your child from classes for more social functions is not recommended as it retards the child's progress in school and minimizes her devotion for regular hardwork with consequent failure to progress in her studies.

Admissions & Withdrawals

  1. No student can be admitted to the school without a valid Leaving Certificate from the last school attended by her. An unsatisfactory remark in a Leaving Certificate may invalidate the admission.if the pupils comes from outside Maharashtra, the Leaving Certificate must be countersigned by the Education Officer of that place.

  2. A calendar month's notice is to be given before the withdrawal of a student.School notice be given by the parent or guardian in the from attached at the end of the calendar.

  3. No leaving certificate will be granted unless all school dues are paid.

  4. No certificate of any kind will be given without a written application from the parent or guardian. This application should be handed over in the school office at least 3 days before the date on which the certificate is required.

  5. A fee of Rs.50/- will be charged for the Leaving certificatesand Rs.10/- for an extract from the Birth Certificate or general Register.

  6. Student who desire to discontinue studies should take their Leaving Certificate immediately.A fee will be charged if a certificate is charged after one year and if a duplicate is applied for the prescribed procedure must be followed.

Examinations & Promotions

  1. There will be two semesters in an acadmic year and examinations will be held at the end of each semester based on the portion covered in a respective standard in each semester. The first semester examinationwill be held in October and second semester examination will be in April.Beside these two semester examinations, two unit test,one in each semester will be conducted. Marks for oral examinations and practical work have been set aside and added to the marks of the unit test to inculcate regular study habits.

  2. The performance of a pupil is judged on the progress of the student during the whole and not on any single examination. Hence all examinations and tests are of equal importance. A pupil must get 35% marks in the aggregate of the two semester examinations and the Unit Tests in each subject, to pass the examination.

  3. Students absent from an examination, for any reason are neither re-examined nor can the examination be taken prior to the scheduled date. Those absent for an examination without grave reasons will be considered as having failed.

  4. A student who uses unfair means during the test/examination will be given zero in the subject and debarred from the rest of the examination.Repetition of unfair means will make the student liable for dismissal.

  5. FOR PURPOSE OF PROMOTION, THE MARKS SECURED by a student in each head of passing at the two semester examinations and two Unit test shall be added together and the average there of shall be calculated. Students securing not less thab 35% of marks in each individual head of passing shall be eligible of promotion to a higher standard after availing, if necessary, of the benefit of an automatic condonation of 15 marks in one or more (not more than three) heads of passing but not exceeding ten marks in any one head of passing.

  6. Cases of illness are settled on the basis of the term's work in consultation with the teachers and the previous records. Promotions are decided at the Teacher's Council. Hence results are final and cannot be reconsidered.

  7. A pupil who fails twice consecutively in the same standard will have to leave the school.

  8. Students who make any change in the entries made in the report card will be taken to task.

  9. Progress reports will be issued after each examination or unit test. Parents are requested to take note of the remarks and to return the same duly signed within three days.

  10. The students should bring along the report card on the re-opening day in June without fail.


  1. The Librarian is responsible for the books issued to the students. Students are not allowed to keep any book borrowed from the school Library longer than a fortnightwithout the previous sanction of the Librarian.

  2. The loss of a bool will have to be made good by replacing the book or pay a fine equal to the value of the book.

  3. It is strictly forbidden to write any remarks in a book or underline any word. If there are such in the book already they should be brought to the notice of the librarian immediately on receiving the book, not later.

  4. Only one book will be issued at a time. Books will not be issued during vacations.

Parental Co-operation

  1. 1) Private tuitions are strongly discouraged. Teachers are not ordinarily allowed to give tuitions to students who are bring taught by them.

  2. 2) When communicating with principal, parents are requested to mention in their letters,the name, roll nimber, standard and division in which their ward is studying.

  3. 3) Parents are requested not to ask their children to come away from school before the school gets over except in case of real necessity in which case permission should be obtained previously in writing.

  4. 4) Parents/guardians are specially requested to notify the school of any change in their address.

  5. 5) Parents are informed that their children are liable to be fined/detained after school hours by the Principal for any of the following reasons:

    • a)Not having the report card signed and returned on time.
    • b)Not having a remark in the calendar signed by the parent or guardian.
    • c)For repeatedly forgetting to bring books.
    • d)Not having the leave record duly signed on time.
    • e)Not having home work done regularly.
    • f)For repeatedly coming late to School.
    • g)For not following the rules of the School.