We owe much to the school management and teachers who have left no stone unturned to see that the teaching-learning process goes on. The teachers have put in a lot of efforts and made it possible to impart online learning to students by preparing relevant videos, ppt etc.


“After a massive storm of pain, there is always a rainbow of bliss and happiness”. As the year 2020 unfolded, the year of unprecedented hardships began due to the covid 19 pandemic. One of the most highly affected sectors was the education sector. Overnight the pandemic imposed a radical switch to remote teaching and learning for an indefinite period. With the strong support of Sisters and teachers, the students are still able to carry out their respective endeavors in a successful manner. The school saw to it that along with studies co-curricular activities too were given due consideration and we affirm that this has truly led to the all-round development of the students even when it was taken virtually.